Why lottery winners have a hard time hanging on to their winnings

Lottery winner with lots of jewellery, despite of looking like someone going to a Ranger’s soccer game
Lottery winner with lots of jewellery, despite of looking like someone going to a Ranger’s soccer game
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What happens when you try to skip the process

Have you ever thought about the biggest potential return on investment (ROI) you can get? No, it’s not Bitcoin, stocks, or real estate. The lottery has the biggest potential ROI I can imagine. Pocket change can make you a fortune. The ratio of risk and reward is terrible, though. And if you eventually manage to win, there might be another catch.

May it be through anecdotal, personal, or media-related experience, everyone knows at least one story where someone who won big in the lottery had lost it all. While most people accept this as a fact, I wanted to find…

5 reasons why this could lead to a paradigm shift

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Breaking news hit for the crypto community, when an SEC Filing became public in which Tesla Inc. declared they bought Bitcoin for 1,5 Billion Dollars to put on their balance sheet. They also plan on accepting bitcoin for payments. As they are a publicly traded company they have to disclose their holdings and intentions yearly via the SEC. Investors have the chance to align their decisions upon this public report. And even though stonks only go up, you should do your research!

How many Bitcoins does Tesla own? Well, we don’t know yet as they made the purchase in January…

Change your mindset on work and money by shifting to a different perspective

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Money. The omnipresent store of value we all rely on. To a big extend it defines what we do just as well as what we might not be able to do in life. We all know how to make money. Some with thriving success, some just barely make enough to survive. I lately challenged myself to look at the process of creation from another perspective. Inspired by MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor who, among other things, aligned money (and specially Bitcoin in this case) with the laws of thermodynamics in multiple interviews.

#Google is what happens when we pool information energy…

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